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At PlanShell, we help you redefine your business success by bringing together the best in hosting service and open source platform. We offer you Redmine open source platform hosted on the Amazon AWS cloud.  And you know what that means? You have the power to enjoy all the amazing features of Redmine from anywhere at any time that too in a highly reliable and absolutely secure environment, which ultimately translates into better business performance, productivity, agility, and profits.

Redmine offers a full suite of advanced and highly functional features that make it super easy, stress-free and quick to manage, monitor, control and leads multiple projects, tasks, and operations across departments. This saves you the time and effort spent on handling them manually and in person. In just a few clicks, managing, running and tracking multiple projects is now possible. Top features include:


Contacts Management

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to manage your customer contacts efficiently and extract any data about any contact you want with just a click. This feature is quite useful for managing information like orders, products, projects, and tickets corresponding to each contact in your list. Besides this, you also have the power to assign access and level of visibility to the contacts on different projects. This helps maintain data security and reduces the risk of data manipulation. Furthermore, if you want to manage your employee information, you can use another module called “People”.



GanTT Chart

Using Gantt charts, project leaders and even stakeholders can easily make project schedules. As data is displayed in bar chart format, it’s visually easier to interpret, manage and use. Additionally, it supports drag and drop tasks which makes it simple to link related tasks with each other. This means that if you shift a task, the related tasks shift accordingly.

Gantt chart


Invoices Management

Keep track and control of your invoices using our invoice management feature. This feature allows you to create, track as well as export invoices in PDF format and with customizable templates. It also offers multi-currency support & localization for numerous languages. This is a big advantage if you are planning to grow your footprint globally as it helps you effortlessly invoice international clients. Additionally, it enables you to manage recurring invoices by generating and billing automated invoices.



Integrated GIT & SVN

The integrated GIT and SVN feature helps to keep your code much secure and enable you to manage your repositories from within our system. We offer you a secure GIT & SVN hosting service supporting SSL/HTTPS for maximum security. Our service also offers you a version difference comparing option from inside the Redmine instance and also you can download any version as a compressed zip file.



Agile Support

For businesses that aim to develop new services or products in an interactive yet a disciplined manner, this feature is perfect. It offers agile support for a seamless workflow. Agile software development is a group of software comprising of development methodologies. These methodologies are predominantly based on iterative development. It provides businesses an environment where solutions evolve through interaction and collaboration within self-organizing and cross-functional teams.


With Agile software support, you can ensure disciplined and well-managed project process and encourage teamwork and self-organization with accountability. The Agile Manifesto is all about aligning business processes by introducing a set of best practices to integrate the development process with company goals and customer needs.

Top features include:

Ajax board for tracking issues and prioritizing them;

Agile charts for keeping track of project status and progress that helps in taking proactive decisions to ensure that the projects are completed timely;

Agile plug-ins to duplicate project phases and processes and swim lanes that help separate and arrange issues by the assignee or parent task;

Work-in-progress limit that enables you to control and set the number of tasks and ensure high team productivity; and

Story point that helps assign and measure efforts required to implement each project phase.



The checklist feature is all you need to make sure that you don’t miss important tasks due to a heavy workload. With this feature, you can create a to-do list and check them out as you complete scheduled tasks on the list. It’s easy to manage and helps you get things done in an efficient manner.



Financial Management

Manage your financial smoothly with this feature. It assists you to handle income, expenses, and invoices in a simple way.



Products Management

From tracking inventory to sales of services and goods and other sales related activities, our product management feature helps you control and manage all of these activities efficiently and in a single place. You can bulk manage in just a single click.



HR Management

The HR Management is designed to take your resource management to the next level. Using this feature you can see all the users inside Redmine. The tag and filter options make it easier to find the right fits and manage your human resources smoothly.



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If you promise your customers an award-winning support service, then it’s important that you deliver one. For this, you need to ensure that all recruited staff in the support department is working at their best. And this is exactly what our helpdesk feature allows you to do. With this, you can monitor the performance of your customer service department by keeping a track of average response time and ticket closing time. Additionally, your clients can also rate the agent answers. You can use these ratings to determine customer satisfaction and then take improvement steps accordingly to ensure that you continue to deliver world-class support services.



Documents Management

The document management feature enables you to manage your documents efficiently. It offers a plethora of benefits like directory structure, document versioning, document locking for protection and security, uploading and downloading facility, custom workflow, and document tagging.