Privacy Policy

At PlanShell LLC, your privacy is our top concern. However, we advise you to read our privacy policy thoroughly before using this website or our services. Please note that your continued use of our website shows that you acknowledge and agree to our privacy policy and information collection and usage methods mentioned below.

If you do not agree to any of data collection, disclosure or the usage methods mentioned here, please do not use this website. We, at PlanShell LLC, need to hold this right for service delivery and improvement. PlanShell LLC controls and runs the website PlanShell LLC is denoted by we, our and us in this privacy policy.



Data Collection and Usage

 To get full access to our website and services, you shall provide us with personal identification data which gives us the opportunity to contact you. Your personal identification data may include but is not limited to your name, phone number, residential address, email address and other information.


Cookies and Tracking

We, at PlanShell LLC, use “cookies” like many other websites. Cookies are basically files that contain small amounts of data. This data enables us to personalize user visits and deliver a better site browsing experience. Besides this, it also helps us simplify the procedure of signing in and keep a track of how you use the website and your preferences.

Cookies are sent through the website and stored in your computer’s hard drive. Though we reserve the right to send cookies, you can reject these cookies by making changes to your browser settings. Please note that although this will stop cookies from being sent to your PC, your refusal may also make some pages and parts of the website inaccessible.


Law Compliance

At PlanShell LLC, we adhere to the law and strictly comply with all the regulatory requirements. This means that we shall disclose your personally identifiable data or information if required by the law or if we think that disclosure of your private data is necessary to stay compliant with the law or if the law enforcement bodies request us.



Although we have taken top measures to maintain data security and privacy, the fact is that there is no method that is 100% secure for data transmission. This is why PlanShell LLC shall not be held responsible for in case of a data breach. To ensure top data security, we have automated daily backups and monthly subscription facilities, for more details about our security kindly contact us.


We’re Not Liable for Sites that We Are Linked to

Please note that our website may contain links to other 3rd party operated websites. We, at  PlanShell LLC, have zero control of the content they post on the linked website. Therefore, we make no warranty or representation that the information that appears on these third-party websites is accurate or complete. The links on the site are only for user convenience. We make no recommendations regarding any of the advertised services or products on the linked sites. So, if you under any circumstance decide to use the information on or access the 3rd party site that is linked to our website, you will do it at your own risk and sole discretion.

Updates and Changes to the Privacy Policy

We, PlanShell LLC, shall continue to make changes to our privacy policy. Any changes made shall be posted on our policy page, without any prior notification. Therefore, you’re requested to read the policy every time you use our website to make sure that you’re fully aware of the changes and updates made to the policy. If needed, we shall notify you.



If you have any queries about our privacy policy, email us at